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You can find everything related to the JAMSTERDAM project on this wiki. It's our aim to build a knowledge base of everything related to jamming, to benefit our members as well as inspire others to startup similar projects around the world. 

You will be able to find tips on how to organise a good jam, songs to play, songs to sing but also information on the equipment available in our jamming room.

If you have songs that you want to play or practice, want to share your knowledge of jamming or your experiences, feel free to edit the pages (it's a wiki) and add your own content. More information on using this wiki is available at the bottom of this page.

Table of Contents

Those of you who already have knowledge of jam-related disciplines, techniques, songs or practices, please add them under the appropriate space.


About Jamsterdam

jamsterdam_logo.jpgJAMSTERDAM is an irregular invite-only jamming session held in Amsterdam near the Albert Cuyp. For those musicians and people who'd like to join in jam sessions and enjoy each other by making music together. The group's origin lies with CouchSurfing and now it's growing organically based on member introductions.

Please read the Jamsterdam wiki to learn more about the how and what of Jamsterdam!

You can contact us via Facebook and watch some of our videos on Vimeo!


How to use this Wiki

Need some more info on how to use this wiki, in easier terms than the User's Guide? Please discuss what Improvements can be made on the wiki.

It's an easy-to-edit website that will help us work better together. This Wiki is made of pages sorted by spaces. You're currently in the Main space, looking at it's home page (WebHome).

You can use the Sandbox space to try out your wiki's features. It pretty much works like the text-editor you use, but there's an overview of xWiki Syntaxes available for more advanced users.

There's also a User's Guide: for standard users of the wiki. It contains a Getting Started Guide and a reference to the features, in addition to videos and tutorials. There's also a FAQ available.

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